Colour Doppler Portable Ultrasound Machine

SonoScape X3

SonoScape X3 Portable Ultrasound Machine

Smart Size, Smart Sight

Taking into account the various situations you may find yourself in, the X3 is extremely light weight and small with a laptop design providing you with an experience of confidence, mobility, and flexibility during any situation. X3, offers a wide range of transducers to fit your every need for clinical applications, and its professional exam mode will bring renewed confidence in your examinations.


Advanced technology

The new platform provides users a more efficient scanning process, due to its advanced technology. The X3’s image quality gives users with a clear view of lesions, which enable users to improve diagnosis accuracy and save scanning time.

  • Multi-beam processing technology

  • Spatial compound imaging

  • μ-Scan image processing technology

  • Pure inversion harmonic imaging


Ultimate Flexibility

  • Laptop size and light weight

  • Magnalium-alloy body with 15.6 inch monitor

  • 180 degree folding angle

  • Anti-reflective screen and auto brightness adjustment

  • Integrated trolley with height adjustment

  • Quick boot up


Various Accessories

  • Comfortable backpack and travelling case

  • Extended connector for up to 3 probes

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connection

  • HDMI