Portable Ultrasound Machine

SonoScape A6

SonoScape A6 Portable Ultrasound Machine

SonoScape is a high quality, technology company which has specializesd in manufacturing and developing ultrasound systems and ultrasound transducers for many years. Supported by numerous innovative technologies, SonoScape’s introduces A6 as is a reliable and easy-to-use Hhand-carried, Uultrasound system with premium image quality which is comparable to high-end cart-based B/W ultrasound systems.

  • Elegant outline design, weighing only 6kg weight and comes with an optional mobile trolley, the A6 creates a comfortable working environment.

  • 12-inch angle adjustable LCD, with two transducer sockets, the A6 minimizes streamlines your working fatigue workflow.

  • With premium B/W ultrasound technologies, abundant software packages and a series of high density probes, the A6 assists you in reaching new heights of various clinical applications.

  •  Built-in Li-ion battery, with 3-hours of battery life, also supports point-of-care diagnosis (optional)

  • Compatible with a broad range of transducers, including AVI/JPEG, DICOM.

  • Superior documentation abilities: USB storage, PDF report, AVI/JPEG, DICOM.

  • Compatible with a broad range of transducers, including 180 degree wide-angle endocavity probe

As an ultra-compact HCU, the  A6 also combines the essential features of easy-to-use and high quality images. These features enable it to maximize the confidence and comfort of the doctors.
Tissue Harmonic Imaging significantly improves image contrast and resolution. Five Variable Frequencies minimize the inconvenience of frequently changing probes by working with broad band probes. M-Tuning one-key optimizes the image quality automatically. The A6 also has One Button quick operations, including Save, Report, Print, File, Comment, Patient, THI, Clipboard and nine short-cut keys for Obstetric measurements. The A6 is also configured with abundant Body Marks for different applications.

Versatile but light weight, the A6 is a reliable and efficient tool for medical professionals anytime and anywhere.

Comprehensive application fields: general, radiology, OB/GYN, vascular, urology, anesthesia, emergency, ICU, physiotherapy, MSK, pediatric, Share Services, etc.