Sono V1 Handheld Veterinary  Ultrasound Scanner

Software Configurations include the following applications: Cardiology, Obs & Gynae

SONO V1 Repro Scanner


Product Features:

  • Small, portable, easy to carry;

  • Concise function, simple to operation;

  • Clear image, can be used for reproduction scanning and measuring fat thickness.With probe frequency conversion function, adapted to different inspection demands;

  • Battery can be easily changed.

  • Power consumption is low for a long battery life.

  • Large capacity SD card to store images (optional);

  • With pseudo colour display function

  • 3.5MHz / 5Mhz Mechanical Sector Probe for Pig, Sheep, Goat, etc

  • 3.5Mhz / 5MHz Mechanical Sector Rectal Probe for Horse, Cow, etc




  • Scanning system: sector sweep;

  • Probe frequency: 3.5MHz/5MHz probe and can variable frequency;

  • Scanning depth: ≥180mm, 70mm/110mm/130mm/150mm/192mm adjustable;

  • Screen: 3.5 inches;

  • Display mode: B

  • Image gray scale: 256 level

  • Pseudo colour: 8 type

  • Image store: 512 frame(by SD card)

  • Measure: Distance & Obstetrics.

  • Input power: DC 5V (by external battery input)

  • Power consumption: 7W (probe run) / 2.5W (probe stop)

  • Battery work time: 10 hours

  • Size: H204mm x W100mm x D22mm

  • Weight: Main Unit 300g,

  • Probe 150g

  • Probe Connector::1



Standard Configuration:

  • Main Unit3.5MHz/5.0MHz Mechanical Sector ProbeInternal Battery and Charger

  • Carry Harness

  • Aluminium Carry Case