Siui CTS800V Handheld Vet Ultrasound Scanner

The CTS-800 is the worlds most popular portable livestock scanner?    


  • Excellent for both Livestock and Equine repro.            

  • Most compact & portable livestock scanner available.      

  • Light Weight - only 0.8Kg       

  • Largest Sceen - 7 inch WVGA LCD Monitor for High Quality, Bright images       

  • Range of Ultrasound Probes for all types of livestock and other applications       

  • Display mode includes B, 2B, Zoom B, B/M and M Mode        

  • Enviromental rating: IP64 (main unit) and IP67 (probe head)       

  • Battery can last 4.5 hours operating  time       

  • Software and report for reproduction system       

  • Powerful calculation and measurement software       

  • Very easy operation and quick scanning      

  • Gravity sensor for layout change (transverse/vertical)        

  • Measurement for distance, area, circumference, volume, angle, heart rate       

  • With the capabilities of a much larger veterinary scanner it beats them all              

  • Very Competitive Price - Includes Probe and Case     

  • This product is an excellent option for the mare owners and cattle breeders to scan  thier own animals