Repro Scanner Ultrasound Machines


Portable, Reliable and durable design

Only 10.6kg only

5.8 inch WVGA LCD monitor fro easy reading

Video output, support I-Scan video glasses (optional), eases your job and gets you focused

Li-ion Battery, 4-5 hours continuous operation

32 digital channels and 128 elements probe

Support USB 2.0 for ultrasound station to transfer images and video to your computer, 450~550-frame cine loop and 128 images insider

Portability by a shoulder belt giving you total freedom of movements

Support leather sheath, and sun shade case designed to be resistant to extremely harsh farm conditions and stops glare

Two-year warranty



Technical Specification

Monitor:  5.8 inches high resolution TFT LCD

Display modes:  B, M, B+B,B+M,4B Mode

Display Depth:  ≥220mm, multi-steps

Gray Scale: 256

Report:  Obstetric report

Scanning technology:  Real-time dynamic imaging

Net weight:  0.6kg

Image storage:  64-80 images

CINE Loop: ≥450 frames

Image flip: Left/right, up/down, brightness, contrast ratio, focus number,  focal position

Image Procession:  Pseudo color, correction, Image Smoothen,  Histogram

Measurement:  Distance, Circumference, Area, Volume

Digital channels:  32

Probe:  Multi-frequency probe series

Image magnification:  8 levels zoom in

Character Annotation:  Date, time, name, sex, age, doctor, 
hospital, full screen words edit

High speed USB socket: Connect to PC & Printer, download image to PC

Dimension:  40mm X 250mm X 120mm



Fast and reliable detection of pregnancy from

28th day on cows

25th on sheep and goats

18th on pigs, ovarian examinations, post partum diagnosis

Foetal sexing on cows, mares, sheep and goats

Back fat measurements on pigs, cows and sheep


Standard configuration

L60 machine

Rectal convex probe

Li-ion high power capacity battery 4.5hrs continuous

Battery charger

Neck strap and hand strap

User guide and training material to get you up and going

Aluminum alloy carry case


Optional configuration

Optional probes: Rectal Linear, Micro Convex,                         

Abdominal Convex, Back Fat Transducer

Li-ion high-power-capacity battery

Introducer Arm

Sun Shade Case

Car Charger

Battery charger

I-Scan video glasses

Wrist LED Monitor