Ecotron Portable Veterinary X-Ray



Affordable Quality X-ray option for your Small Animal Practice


Ecotron’s EPX series of high frequency veterinary portable x-ray systems offer the highest power-to-weight ratios available. EPX series provides an optimum mix of power, Ultra light, Compact size, Wireless/Wire PC interface, Wireless /Wire Hand & Foot switch, ready for CR or DR system EPX portables features automatic & dynamic line voltage compensation to assure you of consistent radiation output over a range of available electrical conditions.EPX features low voltage input operation compared with competitors so you will always get the maximum possible output even with low input voltages.  Small x-ray tube focal sizes produce images with excellent fine detail resolution. Continually adjustable light beam collimators and dual, adjustable integrated dual laser pointer are standard on each model, eliminating guesswork in positioning.Technique memory is also standard on all models.EPX portable units come with carrying case to protect your investment.



EPX-F12001.6KW (90kV/30mA)

EPX-F24002.4kW (100kV/40mA)

EPX-F28002.8kW (120kV/35mA)

EPX-F32003.2kW (100kV/60mA)

EPX-F40004kW    (110kV/80mA)

EPX-F50005kW    (110kV/100mA)

Standard Accessories : Handswitch, Carrying case, AC 6M cord.


X-Ray Table & Stand Combo (Fixed or Floating Top)
Mobile stand for portable X-Ray
Equine portable - Lightweight Stand