Mindray M5v Ultrasound Machine

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Dedicated Workflow
Dedicated to providing the best veterinary solutions with advanced technology, Mindray constantly endeavors to develop high-performance ultrasound systems. Even at first glance, M5vet's smart interface reveals the user-friendly design, aimed to facilitate workflow. M5vet combines our core values of making the easiest-to-operate ultrasound devices with the emphasis on user comfort.

. Context-based soft keys: Intuitive parameter adjustment and easy measurement
. Q-click™: Click and adjust on-screen parameters directly
. One button image saving
. Fast image optimization
. Thumbnail review during live scanning
. Editable report and print view


Professionally Designed with Veterinary Software Option

. Veterinary information management
. Veterinary body mark
. Veterinary comment
. Veterinary OB table
. User-defined measurement package


A Commitment to Robust Performance.

. Full range of imaging and display modes, including B, M, Color, PW, CW, HPRF, Power, DirPower, iScape ViewTM (panoramic imaging) and Smart3D™ (free hand 3D imaging)
. 30cm deep scanning depth for abdomen probe
. 80G hard disk
. Fast boot-up time and quick switch between examination modes
. Internal batteries provide one hour of continuous scanning
. Magnesium alloy case and dustproof film for use in harsh environments.