Handheld Vet Ultrasound Scanner - Sono V3

Software Configurations include the following applications: Cardiology, Obs & Gynae

SONO V3 Repro Scanner


Product Features:

  • Stable operation and solid durable design.

  • Large Screen with great resolution image, easy to detect at early stage.

  • Gestation Calculation for different species

  • Simple and easy-touch keyboard, comfortable to operate

  • Measurement functions helps with back-fat measurement

  • Built-in Lithium battery, long lasting-Large capacity SD card for memory

  • Waterproof, easy to clean




  • Screen: 5.6 inches

  • Display mode: B

  • Scan Sector Scan

  • Probe: 3.5MHz / 7MHz optional-Scan

  • Depth: 95-185mm-Gain: 30dB-105dB-Image

  • Store: 8GB (SD Card)

  • Gray Scale:256

  • Battery Duration: 8 hours

  • Size: L210mm x W120mm x D40mm

  • Weight: 1.2kg with battery

  • Probe Connector: 1



Standard Configuration:

  • Main Unit

  • 3.5MHz Mechanical Sector Selectable

  • Internal Battery and charger

  • SD card

  • Support harness

  • Carry Case




  • Rectal probe-Extra SD card