Colour Doppler Portable Ultrasound Machine

Chison SonoTouch 30

Get In Touch With the Future of Ultrasound


The confusing buttons and keyboards of yesterday's ultrasound systems can get in the way of health care. It is time to switch to SonoTouch and experience the amazingly intuitive user interface designed to help the way you work, with the performance you need.



SonoTouch's Advanced Features

  • Quick boot within 30 seconds

  • Long battery life-up to 2.5 hours

  • Compact  & durable, water proof (from panel)

  • High -resolution LED screenPortable stand with adjustable viewing angles

  • Versatile digital image and report management software

  • USB,DICOM 3.0(option)

  • Super Needle (option)B,CFM,PW,M,2B,4B



PROFESSIONAL Clinical Application User Interface

The dedicated icon-based presets for major MSK / Anaesthesia/ Vascular positions will help doctors acquire optimal images in an easier, quicker, and more intuitive way.

It uses the latest Supper Tissue technology on the 11MHz Linear probe to enhance the near field image within 3 cm depth which is the focal region of most Point of care applications.


Super Needle (Option)


Super Needle is our needle enhancement technology supporting angle adjustment of up to +/- 30 degrees. It enhances the needle's appearance for a more confident approach to anatomical targets.  




• The entire button-free screen is touch-driven• Waterproof front panel is easy to sanitize



• Make measurements with your fingers only• Measurement accuracy is under 1 mm



• Quick copy, paste and transfer of images & reports• Easy import and export of patient information or case studies• USB, DICOM 3.0,(Option)



• Quick boot in 30 seconds• Car charger available• Instant shutdown in 2 seconds 



• Adjust image settings like TGC, focus and depth with intuitive touch-driven instructions



• Select your application with visual icons



• Adjustable tilt angle• Make your measurement easier• Also functions as a convertible handle for carrying



• Quick save and recall• Plays CINE clips forward or backward



Chison SonoTouch 30 Portable Ultrasound Machine